Who are we — Галерия L`UNION
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L’Union de Paris Art Gallery was founded in 2001 in the city of Plovdiv. The Gallery, from the beginning, has been supporting and popularizing modern Bulgarian art. They have had exhibitions with artists who are recognized as being some of the best artists in Bulgaria. Also the Gallery has recognized the importance of supporting the development of young, aspiring artists who are just beginning their career.

A rich collection of artistic works has been collected over the years consisting of different forms of visual art; painting, sculpture and black and white drawings. In this collection there are artists like George Bojilov, Ivan Kirkov, Emil Stojchev, Stoian Tzanev, Vihrony Popnedelev, Svilen Blajev, Rumen Jekov …etc. The Gallery L’Union de Paris has in its possession one of the biggest collection of work by Koljo Karamfilov and Gavazov in Bulgaria. Catalogues have been produced of several different artists & art forms.

These are available for experts, artists and the general public. The two published so far have been of Ivan Kirkov and Koljo Karamfilov.
They were created for big Retrospective exhibitions during the years.

The Gallery L’Union de Paris has as its main purpose to present leading trends in the field of modern art. It has enjoyed a long tradition in doing so and is recognized as a Gallery that also takes pride in working with artists who are in different stages of artistic development. The public at large benefits from the dialogue created between professionals in the visual art field.


Notable Exhibitions and Events:

2005 – Landscapes & Portraits. Genko Genkov.
2005 – 1980’s Works. George Baev.
2013 – Retrospective exhibition, Illustrations & Paintings. Ivan Kirkov /City Art Gallery – Plovdiv/. Catalogue Available.
2014 – Retrospective exhibition, City Art Gallery, Koljo Karamfilov. Catalogue Available.
2015 – 80th Anniversary of Work George Bajilov – The Elephant.
2015 – Paintings – 80th Anniversary Emil Stojchev.
2015 – Road. Marks. Revelations. Retrospective Exhibition, Koljo Karamfilov /National Gallery of Art Sofia with more than 70 works of painting, black and white drawing, sculpture, pottery/.
2017 – Selected Works , Dimitar Shopo – Gavazov.

  • Adress: city of Plovdiv, 5 Otez Paisii str.
  • Phone: +359 (898) 486 502, +359 (885) 860 901
  • e-mail: info@gallerylunion.com;
  • gallerylunion@mail.bg
Working hours: 
mon-fri 11:00–19:00, sat 11:00–15:00,
sunday- day off